Hey guys, so every once in a while I’m gonna be here to basically ‘geek out’ about an artist or band that has rocked my world.

Old or new; independent or signed to a record label….doesn’t matter.

What matters is that they have made a significant impact on my musical journey and I hope that as I share them with you, you find something beautiful to hold on to.

Okay enough with the speech, let’s get right to it.

The Spotlight…is ON!!!!


BAND: Silent Planet

GENRE: Metalcore

Silent Planet was formed in 2010 comprising of six members. Currently signed to Solid State Records, they coined their name from a C.S Lewis novel called “Out of the Silent Planet” (which by the way is kinda awesome, huge C.S Lewis fan here) and have since released two EPs and one album.

But I’m not here to be your Wikipedia or to tell you stuff you can google (seriously though, I think you should google them if you haven’t …lol), I’m here to tell you why I think they’re such an awesome band using their debut album ‘The Night God Slept’ as a reference point.

That being said, I give you… *drum roll please*


  1. Lyrical Content: I tell you, when anyone ever says to you that Metalcore as a genre lacks lyrical content look no further people. Silent Planet is the answer. For every song in the album, there was lyrical depth and meaning. XX (City Grave), a song that addresses pornography from the angle of the women in porn who feel imprisoned and are seen as mere objects is a prime example of how much depth they have as a band.
  1. Garrett Russell, the unclean vocalist for Silent Planet, is probably a Grammar Nazi (I’m actually being quite serious!) and is one of the reasons why the band stands out for me. Vocals aside though, Russell speaks really good English (Okay I’m being modest). To be fair, I don’t think it’s possible to listen to the album without going to the dictionary a few times. Firstwake, which is probably my best song on the album had one of the most profound lines to back this up. Russell said and I quote, “Caught in the paradox – juxtaposed between bifurcated black and white…”Need I say more?
  1. Garrett Russell has such cool growls: So before I wrote this, I thought long and hard about how to describe Russell’s growls. The best thing I could come up with was this; Imagine Micah Kinard (Oh, Sleeper) ate some really good french fries and chilli sauce, but he didn’t feel any heat or pepper until it was halfway down his throat. Then all of a sudden the heat and pepper sensations come just as he’s about to growl.Whatever awesomeness comes from that picture is probably the best way to describe Garrett’s growls. Rough around the edges but still sounds pretty clear, which is a good thing because the band has a whole lot to say.
  1. The name of the album is “The Night God Slept”: Now I know what you may be thinking. But this is actually one of the best things about the album and the band. The album reflects different times in a man’s life when God ‘seems’ to absent or asleep. It is a true reflection of humanity’s struggles and I think Silent Planet put together a beautifully crafted message that people deserve to listen to.So there you have it guys, and if you don’t take my word for it give the album a listen and drop a comment below.

Till next time on The Spotlight.

Have fun and God bless.

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