Upcoming book 7 STEPS TO COURAGE by Ann White to release March 15

Courage begins with one fearless choice. Author and TV host Ann White understood that reality firsthand, when on May 29, 2012, she made the choice to address dysfunctional and challenging issues plaguing her life and marriage. Ann shares the story of how she made the courageous choice to face her inner struggles, make fearless choices and move from frozen to freedom in her new book 7 STEPS TO COURAGE, available in stores March 15.

A few short years ago, Ann appeared to have a perfect life. She was in a high-profile marriage, had a beautiful family, and served in leadership at her church.  However, behind closed doors, Ann’s personal life was falling apart. She knew if she wanted change, if she wanted to live the life God had planned for her––she had to make one courageous choice.  She had to step out in faith and embrace courage.

“My story is not so unique,” explain Ann. “Many people, especially people of faith, often work tirelessly to dawn a perfect façade, all the while, their lives are heading down a path that leads to a cliff dive.  I had carefully crafted my walls of protection and isolated myself to a point where I felt completely alone. I was at a breaking point and had to reach out and ask for help. Facing fear is never easy, but there are proven methods that make it possible.

7 STEPS TO COURAGE provides readers with actionable steps to make courageous choices and replace fear with faith. Throughout the book, Ann weaves the transparent account of her personal journey. A journey of courage which ultimately led her to address toxic relationships and life patterns by embracing the freedom found in God’s grace. Ann shares with transparency and authenticity the insights and exercises she learned that allowed her to overcome the pain of the past and adopt a new perspective for the future.

Each of the seven steps represents a letter in the word “courage”: Commit to change, Overcome obstacles, Uncover your true self, Replace worldly lies with spiritual truth, Accept the things you cannot change, Grasp God’s love for you, and Embrace a life of grace.

Ann continues, “My prayer is readers will begin to apply the 7 STEPS TO COURGE and learn the natural progression of how to make healthy choices. I pray it will not take them as long as it took me.”

7 STEP TO COURAGE by Ann White is published through Creative Enterprises Studios and will be available in stores March 15 and will be available on Amazon for preorder February 24.


Source: Biscuit Media Group

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