Announces 2nd Annual Christian Movie Madness announces its 2nd Annual Christian Movie Madness matchup. Christian Movie Madness puts two Christian films of the last year in competition with each other, with the winner advancing in a tournament-style bracket. aims to bolster the Christian movie industry by creating an industry-wide buzz about audience-favorite films. Voting opens today and rounds will continue through the first week of April with a winner to be announced on April 5.

Anyone can vote by visiting to help their favorite movie advance while discovering new movies that will encourage and inspire you in your faith.

Jared Geesey, Vice President of Christian Cinema, noted, “The tournament is a fun way to discover new movies you might not have heard of. If a film is unfamiliar, you can watch the trailer and pick your favorite based on what you see each film is about. May the best film win!”

The second year of Movie Madness features last year’s blockbusters such as War Room, Woodlawn, Captive, and 90 Minutes in Heaven, as well as excellent but lesser known films like Catastasis, Faith of Our Fathers, 1500 Steps, and The Drop Box.

“Last year’s Movie Madness showed us that fans care about independent films as well as major theatrical releases,” said Bobby Downes, President and co-founder of “We’re excited about the opportunity of drawing attention to the thirty-two films that make up this year’s bracket.”

The schedule for the rounds is as follows: Round of 32: March 3 to March 10, Round of 16: March 11 to March 17, Round of 8: March 18 to March 24, Round of 4: March 25 to March 29, and Final Round: March 30 to April 4.  Fans can follow the voting and discussion on social media by using the hashtag #christianmoviemadness.

This year’s bracket is broken into two, sixteen-team sides: Parables and True Stories.

Download the entire bracket here:


In the Parables category:

  •  War Room vs. Catastasis
  •  Catching Faith vs. Princess Cut
  •  Masterless vs. Where Hope Grows
  •  Gallows Road vs. Beyond the Mask
  •  Lyfe’s Journey vs. Faith of Our Fathers
  •  Brother’s Keeper vs. Little Boy
  •  Secret Handshake vs. 1500 Steps
  •  Virtuous vs. Do You Believe?


In the True Stories category:

  •  Woodlawn vs. David & Goliath
  •  Just Let Go vs. Born to Win
  • Finding Noah vs. Patterns of Evidence
  • Find Me vs. The Drop Box
  • Cokeville Miracle vs. 90 Minutes In Heaven
  • Different Drummers vs. Polycarp
  • The 33 vs. Return to the Hiding Place
  • Noble vs. Captive


ABOUT Christian Cinema

Founded in 1999, when video stores rarely carried faith films, Bobby Downes co-founded Christian Cinema to connect independent Christian filmmakers to their audiences. The site is now the world’s largest selection of faith-affirming and family-approved films on the Internet, hosting thousands of movie titles on DVD and Digital HD. What began with the sale of just one movie grew to include the only digital on demand platform for the Christian marketplace with no subscriptions. Consumers could finally have a reliable source for faith-based films that are pre-screened to ensure a Biblical worldview. To further the goal of connecting filmmakers and audiences, Christian Cinema also added movie reviews, news articles, and a weekly newsletter featuring the latest entertainment news.  Bobby Downes and Vice President Jared Geesey spent a decade and a half developing relationships with filmmakers, retailers, and distributors, whom they now serve with up-to-date movie news, an industry release calendar, a barometer for gauging each week’s most popular movies, and the promotion of films to 250,000 unique monthly visitors and 110,000 weekly email recipients. Follow @ChristianCinema and @Bobby_Downes on Twitter.

Source: Biscuit Media Group

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