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Renaissance Movement Music set to release “Lions in Suits” album

Renaissance Movement Music is proud to announce their newest release, Lions in Suits.

Lions in Suits (LNS) is about living boldly for your faith and being approachable in Christ.  Jesus was “full of grace and truth” (John 1:14); so the lion represents bold truth while the suit represents His approachable grace.  Guest artists on LNS include Erica Cumbo, T. Haddy, Jeremiah Bligen, with production by Laquan Green, DG Beats, and Spec from Teamspechouse, who also post produced the entire project.  LNS will be available on all digital outlets Friday, February 26, 2016.  Physical copies, as well as music video, calendar, and booking information will be available on

Mike Bell, Legin, Sinai “Ain’t Worried (feat. T Haddy)” video

Renaissance Movement Music Lions in Suits track list
1. Baal (Feat. Laquan Green)
Production: Laquan Green

2. Why I Do It (Legin, Sinai & Mike Bell)
Production: On Beat Music

3. Don’t Get It Twisted (Mike Bell)
Production: DG Beats

4. Black Tie Affair (Sinai & Legin Feat. Dorrall Price)
Production: Spechouse Productions

5. WYDTF (Sinai & Legin)
Production: Justen Williams Music

6. Without You (Sinai Feat. Laquan Green)
Production: Laquan Green

7. I’m Not (Mike Bell)
Production: Eldar Q

8. Hands High (Sinai)
Production: Eldar Q

9. Ain’t Worried (Sinai, Mike Bell, & Legin Feat. T. Haddy)
Production: Laquan Green

10. All It Is (Legin Feat. Erica Cumbo)
Production: Laquan Green

11. Lioness (Legin, Sinai & Mike Bell Feat. Rashonda Greggs)
Production: Laquan Green

12. Bold (Legin & Mike Bell Feat. Dorrall Price)
Production: DG Beats

13. Spurgeon Theory (Sinai & Mike Bell Feat. Jeremiah Bligen)
Production: Eldar Q

14. Harvey Dent (Sinai & Mike Bell)
Production: DG Beats

15. There He Go (Legin)
Production: K Agee Productions

Source: SOHH PR

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