The Vespers Impress and Inspire with Third Studio Album

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The Vespers delight with their unique blend of folksy Americana with a slight bluegrass flavor on their most recent album, Sisters and Brothers.  Each member of this Nashville based band is incredibly talented, and together, they are unstoppable.

“Break the Cycle” opens the album with a burst of energy.  The track starts with just percussion, gradually adding layers and picking up speed, Callie’s soulful voice the last to join the array.  This song describes the tension between wanting to be recognized as a unique individual, and the desire to fit in and be accepted by our peers.  “New Kids” is equally as energetic, this time featuring Phoebe on vocals, the light, dancing banjo intro giving way to the full band.  This song is an encouragement to go beyond one’s comfort zone and experience the excitement of the unknown.

The record continues with title track “Sisters and Brothers,” which cautions against living a self-focused life and encourages us to take care of each other.  The band slows things down and takes a more simple musical approach on this track, perhaps reflecting the simple message of putting others first.  “Out West” captures the imagination and is the perfect anthem for the daydreamer longing to explore all this world has to offer.  The poetic lyrics embody the spirit of a wanderer, the resolute drums the heartbeat of someone determined to shake the dust of the small town they can’t seem to escape.

Just about everyone will be able to relate to “Cynical Soul;” anyone who has ever felt they were spread too thin trying to please everyone, anyone who has ever been afraid of what the next step in life might be.  The ultimate solution is to believe in a Higher Power, and find comfort in the fact that He is in control and has a plan for our lives.  The piano and bass perform an intricate, delicate dance, Phoebe’s sweet voice floating above the music.  The achingly beautiful melody of “The Curtain” perfectly portrays the heartbreaking decision between two great loves: a wonderful family and the passion for sharing one’s creative gift with the world.  The sparse instrumentation underscores the heartfelt ponderings searching for that balance.

Sisters and Brothers beautifully and creatively captures so many facets of life, making the record quite relatable.  There is just something special about sibling harmonies, and Sisters and Brothers is the perfect example.  The Vespers remind us that we are stronger when we stick together as family, whether that is our biological family or the sisters and brothers we find in Christ.

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