For A Season Unveils Where My Heart Is Home Music Video

Check out For A Season’s new “Where My Heart Is Home” music video above. “Where My Heart Is Home” is off their 2015 debut album I Will Wait.

For A Season is a Rock/Folk/Soul group originating out of Southwest Florida.  They were founded in 2011 and have continued to cultivate and hone their music style over its history to what we know today.  For A Season was founded on the idea that music and art are to be intertwined to connect with its audience in a unique and captivating way.

The diverse backgrounds of its members bring a wide array of influence to the sound and delivery of the music; from rock backgrounds, with gospel flavored vocals, and a blend of modern folk orchestration.

In the Fall of 2014, For A Season embarked on a new chapter.  After really finding and settling into what was their “sound” and after a year of intense writing sessions, they started the recording process of their first full length album.  The choice to work with renown producer, Rick Beato, was made after knowing he and his team would be the best fit to capture the vision that had been established.  Rick Beato has worked with artists such as Needtobreathe, Shinedown, Parmalee, and many others.

With the much anticipated release of their first full length album, “I Will Wait,” For A Season has carved their music from their blocks of experience over the last several projects.  Released on 8.25.15, “I Will Wait” explores a deeper lyrical base and more complex melody structures that represent the journey For A Season has walked over the last several years.

Check out their fiery music video for “Courage” here.

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