Disciple’s “Vultures” Descends Upon Christian Rock Fans

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If it is even possible, veteran rockers Disciple just keep getting better and better.  Their latest offering, Vultures, is certainly no exception.  Originally slated to be released as a B-sides album, these songs are the “leftovers” that didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the songs on Attack, as they are slightly heavier and darker in nature.

“Sayonara,” the opening track, begins by punching the listener in the face with searing, face-melting guitar riffs that don’t let up throughout the entire song.  Andrew Stanton’s guitar solo is practically on fire as his fingers fly up and down the fretboard.  “Sayonara” is all about saying goodbye to the negative things in our lives, the bad habits, the toxic relationships that pull us away from God and His perfect plan for our lives.

Disciple keeps the energy going with “Snooze,” which recounts the pain caused by unfulfilled promises, and is a wake-up call to examine how we treat the people in our lives.  The band brings a massive amount of creativity to the table with “Awakening,” featuring incredible lyrics such as: “There’s a reason I breathe, ‘cuz my heart is the beat to the song that You sing in my life,” as well as truly inventive and interesting rhythms, gravity defying guitar licks, and solid drumming.  “More” expresses the desire for our loved ones to reach their full potential, and acknowledges that no matter how much we love them, God will always love them more.

The EP wraps up with a couple ballads, showcasing Kevin Young’s powerful vocals.  “Bring the Dead to Life” is beautifully written, and the lyrics paint a captivating picture of God bringing us out of the dark cemetery where our bad decisions have led us, and into the light of His peaceful sanctuary.

“Breaking Down,” quite possibly one of Disciple’s most emotionally enthralling songs, recognizes that we need God and deserve His justice, but we still cry out for His love and mercy that is offered to us through His Son, Jesus Christ.  The song begins with simple yet somber piano chords, setting the mood for the rest of the song.  The lyrics, though quite melancholy, offer an air of hope that God is our rescue.  The entire song is one big crescendo that culminates with an impassioned plea for God to put back together the broken pieces of a life that has not gone nearly as one had hoped.  “Breaking Down” ends just as simply as it began, with the delicate sound of piano and a heartfelt cry of surrender to God’s plan over ours.

Vultures is yet another remarkable album in an already impressive career, and only serves as further proof that Disciple is well deserving of their place in the realm of Christian rock.


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