ForeverAtlast Bare Their Soul on Impressive New “Ghosts Again” Record

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Ghosts Again, the new record from Indiana punk rockers ForeverAtlast, has a little bit of everything: creative lyrics, powerful and energetic drumming, engaging and striking bass lines, and stellar guitar riffs tying it all together.

“Shoreline” kicks the record off with some serious energy, setting the tone for the rest of the record.  The bass line paints a picture of the sea’s fury that threatens to drown the one stubbornly rowing away from shore, determined to stick with their own choices.  We need only to glance back at the shoreline to see God there, waiting for us, beckoning us to return to His loving arms.

The tendency of friendships to grow colder and more distant over time, whether from neglect or pride, is something just about everyone can relate to, and “Bad Blood” captures the essence of that struggle.  The passion in Brittany Paris’s voice infuses the lyrics with authenticity and makes the song that much more relatable.  The compelling chorus will have listeners coming back time and time again.

“Ghost in the Attic” is a cry of yearning for something more in this life.  Even though the idea of exploring the unknown is often intimidating, we will find blessings if we step out in faith.  The fierce rhythm section tapers off as the haunting sounds of the piano begin to emerge, giving the song an almost ghostly and otherworldly ending.

The talent of guitarist Jordan Vickers shines especially during the bridge of “One and the Same,” adding a level of intricacy to an already impressive song.  The very beginning of “Days of Night” is one of the most captivating moments on this record, providing a mystical opening to a particularly dynamic track.

One of the most stand-out, intriguing songs on Ghosts Again is “Mr. Whitecoat,” an anthem reassuring listeners that not only is it okay to be different, but those differences are one of the most beautiful things about being human.  This song features a catchy, memorable melody, and an infectious breakdown that is impossible to resist.

This is a record full of exceptional music and inspiring messages, and proves that this talented band is going places.  Fans of punk rock are sure to love this record, and ForeverAtlast will certainly gain some new fans along the way.

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