Most makeup artists display the ‘before and after’ photos of their clients on various social media platforms to attest to their quality services and how they can make any woman (no matter how ordinary) look as royal as she should be on her big day. It is amazing how a little touch up could give such ‘wow’ effects. The same thing could be said of hair products. They promise lasting soft, silky and lustrous hair but every consumer knows better than to take their ‘lasting’ assurance literally. Despite their short-lived guarantee, we don’t mind obtaining them over and over again because of the satisfactory results they deliver.

For those striving for some stability in this new year after trying almost everything and still feeling a vacuum within: the perfect job, the almost-perfect partner, ideal neighborhood, cool friends; maybe you are out of touch of the connection that really matters. Living in a world where change is constant in almost every sphere of life to the extent where every experience becomes a memory at one point, there is the need to have One Person be in our corner through it all.

Unlike cosmetic products which wear off after some time, God sticks to His promise of being available in every sense of the word no matter the season. Before, during and after every moment in life, His grace and mercy abounds; He remains faithful even when our faith wavers, and in our weakness His strength is perfected. He is the friend who sticks closer than a brother.

In an era where stability is becoming a word we strive for, having a relationship with God which assures us of moving from glory to glory as our before and after must be a priority. And like every relationship, it requires effort, commitment and sacrifice.

God already displayed his sacrificial love by offering His Son to die in our place so we might live and enjoy eternity with Him. He has shown His commitment by staying true to His promises to all who diligently seek Him. Talk of effort, He is constantly searching for people who would allow Him to turn their lives of streams of testimonies.

Will you do your part and enjoy His goodness? With God, your before-and-after pictures don’t need a retouch. He perfects and refines you regardless of the storms and scars of life. What offer on earth could be better than this?


Josephine Amoako © 2016

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