Author Egypt Ali Challenges and Encourages With New Book of Stories

Release Date: 02/05/16
Rating: [usr 9.25]

In this collection of “Stories,” author and spoken word artist Egypt Ali brings together an array of stories from people with diverse backgrounds and from all walks of life.  Though these stories have many differences, there is one common thread: the ability of God to bring healing and wholeness out of heartbreak.  As Egypt reminds us, “…growth is painful,” but “the outcome of it allows us to be tall enough to see past the pain to the new horizons set in front of us.”

Not only does Egypt share the stories of others, she also includes her own thoughts and what God has taught her through the people she has met.  This book contains incredible insight into the human condition and an introspective glance at what we can learn from one another.

Woven throughout the myriad of stories are some of Egypt’s well-crafted poems, each perfectly placed to give the book a seamless flow.  Her style of writing is quite captivating, giving each poem a unique rhythm.

This book serves as a powerful tool to show people they’re not alone.  We may be quite different than those who cross our paths, but we all share the same desire to be loved and accepted and know we’re not alone in this world.  “Stories” is a great reminder that everyone struggles, and even though the battles we fight may not look the same, there is one true God, and He can redeem any story.

The book can be bought from here.

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