So how are those resolutions going? Lose weight/get fit. Quit smoking. Spend more time with family. Be less stressed! If you’re like the rest of us, the end of January finds you marking through or “slightly editing” that list from New Year’s Eve. Let me make a suggestion though before you try to make up for month that has already slipped through our finger tips. Take that list and ask the following three questions of each one. I believe doing so will shorten the list and make 2016 quite a bit more easier to endure.


  1. Why?

It is called everything from purpose to meaning to calling to bottom line, but it is about figuring out why you want to do something before you do it. Think about the masses that begin a workout regimen every January 1st. The truth they discover after a few early mornings crawling out of bed is that they just want to look better come swimsuit weather. Upon that realization, they decide a warm bed and an extra hour of sleep is more important than how they look on the beach in July.


  1. Why Not?

You have to be realistic and decide what is going to go wrong. I say that not to discourage you or wish the worst, but to prepare you. You need to figure out every thing-reason-person that is going to make you doubt your “why.” Only then can you prepare for whatever comes your way.


  1. Why Not Me?

This is a rhetorical question. Part of what will come out in Question 2 is self-doubt. Guess what, YOU have a desire to make something happen. YOU have a spark that will light a fire, an idea that will change your business, a plan that is so ridiculous that in 30 years you will laugh at that first moment. But it has to be you, why not.


aaron snow


Additional Readings

“Start With Why” by Simon Sinek

“The 360 Degree Leader” by John Maxwell

“Good To Great” by Jim Collins

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