5 Reasons To Read “Rebuild” By Tommy “Urban D.” Kyllonen

CHH veteran and Pastor at Crossover Church in Tampa Bay Florida, Urban D, drops his final album, and goes out with a Book!

“Rebuild” (Reset your Life. Renew Your Church. Reshape Your World.) Urban D’s final album is accompanied by an interactive book, that tells the story of how God led him to turn an abandoned Toys ‘R Us building in inner-city Tampa, into a church. This book is not only an inspiring story, but perhaps more importantly a tool of empowerment, full of priceless wisdom, highlighting the highs, and lows, of accomplishing a seemingly impossible vision.

5 Reasons Why “Rebuild” Is A Must Read

  • (1.) It’s Action Packed: The end of each chapter features an interactive dynamic, via questions (Building Blocks, divided into three categories: Your Life, Your Church, and Your World.) for the reader to reflect on, and respond to. Perpetually prompting the reader into action.
  • (2.) Beneficial Transparency: Tommy’s transparency allows the reader to glean from his fears, his faith, and his total dependency on God. “Even when it seems impossible, when others may not seem supportive and when we don’t have all the natural evidence to back it up, we have to step out on faith. This is the scary part. Eventually this gets quite interesting and even fun as we watch the miracles begin to unfold.” -Urban D. Rebuild
  • (3.) How To DIY: Rebuild is a How To DIY book not only for leaders, ministers, and entrepreneurs, but for everyone! Rebuild features a ton of transferable skills, that can be applied to many different areas, from ministry, to business, to marriage. “When we don’t have any breathing room, or we are angry, or emotional, we can make some unwise decisions. We need to pause, breathe, pray and think it over before we make a move.” Urban D. Rebuild
  • (4.) The Bars: Once a rapper, always a rapper. Each chapter begins with an excerpt of lyrics from a variety of songs written by Urban D. These lyrical insights break up the reading, resets the reader, and sets the tone and foundation for the text that follow. “The colors never dull, they always stay bright / Now you’re branded with the limitless life / He’ll transform your moments-your head, heart and hands / Now true believers get in the game and get out of the stands. “Limitless Life”- Urban D. (Amnesia EP)
  • (5.) Practical Biblical application: Tommy uses the Biblical account of Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem to draw parallels, and illustrate what rebuilding looks like in our lives today. Rebuild is rich in scripture, and practical application.

Rebuild has blessed me tremendously, and has already produced tangible results in my life. The two (not so steady, but totally original) work tables I built in my basement from scrap wood, will always remind me of the endless possibilities this book inspires.


The Rebuild book can be picked up here.

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