JesusWired Welcomes Aaron Snow To The Team Of Contributors

We’re delighted to welcome Aaron Snow to the JesusWired team of contributors. Aaron’s bio and what he’ll be doing for us can be seen below…

Aaron’s Bio:

Aaron Snow is a hodgepodge of a person. He writes, works with at-risk youth, runs a cold-brew coffee start up, loves a good meal, dabbles in all things Social Media, and is a new man daily through Grace. He residues in downtown Augusta (GA) and finds solace in the concrete jungle that is home. He considers sleep a luxury and coffee a necessity. Deep conversations on the front porch are his favorite pastime.

What Aaron Will Be Covering:

Aaron will be contributing via a weekly column entitled Mid Meek Motivation where he’ll be posting motivational posts every Wednesday to help people over the mid week hump. His first post will be up tomorrow morning.


Welcome to the team Aaron!


Follow Aaron on Twitter here

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