Jesus Culture Lets The Praise Echo With New Live Project

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Review Date: 01/12/16
Release Date: 01/15/16

Jesus Culture is a name that many are familiar with. They have recorded versions of popular songs like One Thing Remains, Your Love Never Fails, and many others. For those unfamiliar with Jesus Culture, the band includes members such as Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala, Chris McClarney, Derek Johnson, and Bryan and Katie Torwalt. A great group of people who have created influential solo projects, but also make up the popular Jesus Culture. They recently started the Jesus Culture church in Sacramento, California and recorded their latest album Let It Echo live at the church.

The first track “Never Gonna Stop Singing” features Kim Walker-Smith and gets the album off to a powerful start. The unique intro creates a trendy vibe that compliments Kim’s vocals very well. The song talks about how we will never stop praising God, and we will lift his name up. The verses talk about all the amazing things God does for us, and jumps into the choruses of praise.

“Fierce” features Chris Quilala and talks about how God’s love for us is Fierce. The unique intro will really draw listeners in to hear the meaningful lyrics. The passion can definitely be in Chris’ vocals throughout the entire song. “Like a hurricane, that I can’t escape…your love is fierce.” The lyrics really illustrate the idea that no matter what, we can’t escape God’s love and it’s always here for us.

“In The River” is one of the first singles from the album and it features Kim Walker-Smith. The song compares God’s love and power to a river. The lyrics talk about how as followers of Christ “we come alive in the river.” The energetic and pop feel to the song really encourages listeners and gives them a sense of excitement to praise God.

The title track “Let It Echo (Heaven Fall)” features Chris Quilala and is a very reflective, peaceful song. The song is a cry out to God for more of him. The lyrics talk about our desire as Christians to have our praise be heard all around the world. We want the good news to be shared with everyone.

“I Stand In Awe” once again features Chris Quilala and is a very powerful song. Not only through the meaningful lyrics, but also in the vocals. Throughout the song listeners can truly feel the passion and understand how these are not just words being sung. They truly believe the message they are sharing.

The album closes with a powerful song featuring Derek Johnson called “Power In The Cross” and is a song of praise and call to Christians to appreciate and understand the power that Jesus’ death on the cross had. “Love has made a way, hope is never lost, there’s power in the cross.” These lyrics really hit home the idea that God’s love is the reason we are here, and have a way to heaven, we never need to lose hope.

The record also includes powerful and inspirational tracks like “God With Us (ft. Bryan Torwalt), “Alive In You (ft. Kim Walker-Smith)”, “Everything and Nothing Less (ft. Chris McClarney)” and many others.

Overall Let It Echo is a great album filled with praise and worship for our Lord and Savior. It is full of the classic sound that Jesus Culture is known and loved for. Listeners will love to sing along and feel like they are a part of the live worship setting.


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