Music Video: Zaydok the Godhop MC – FREEDOM ft. Sevin, Franky Bells and Fonz Carter

Zaydok the God Hop MC is releasing his second official album titled “Freedom”. As president of the “Rebel Against the World” movement and co-founder of the ICU quarterly CHH concert event in upstate New York he is introducing himself to the genre through this work.

This album is a journey into who he was in his sin and who God has turned him into as a repented sinner. Addressing a myriad of issues, the ultimate aim of this album is to give God glory for the “Freedom” from self destruction through Jesus Christ and to express the obligation and duty of every Christian to love the church and those outside of it, as well as to dedicate your every action and intent as a sacrifice to the glory of God. Even on the Mic…..

First single off of Zaydok the Godhop MC’s debut album titled “Freedom”. For info to book Zaydok or to get more music and videos visit


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