Riverside Confession Need Help Raising The Funds To Complete Their Next Album

Riverside Confession are in the middle of their next CD project and need $5000 to finish the project. A new single is due to be released soon to give everyone a taste of the new project, but if you want to support them financially you can do so here. To see their Facebook update on this, click here.

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About Riverside Confession:

Riverside Confession is an independent, acoustic rock band from Binghamton, NY. The band is comprised of the 2 founding members; Jared Ingraham (Lead Vocals, Guitar) & Will Reichel (Drums, Percussion) who have been making music together for nearly 10 years. The musical and lyrical heartbeat of Riverside Confession is one of many spiritual journey’s, battles, and victories that both Jared & Will have experienced collectively in their lives.

Riverside recently released their latest full length album in 2014 with their label and management group New Vine Media “Destroy The Stained Glass Monster”. It now represents the evolution of the band genre and musical vision blending the dirty south with modern rock power. The album landed them exposure on “The Effect” radio network with their single “Bend The Knee”. This new direction is to even go deeper with a new album in the works.

Jared & Will were also the founding members of their former band Cry of the Scapegoat, a full 4-5 piece Christian rock band that produced their first studio album “Into The Storm” in 2011. As artists together they have had the opportunity to play on stages such as Kingdom Bound, Spiedie Fest (The Hope Tent) & doing an event with the “To Write Love on Her Arms” foundation as well as being requested to play along side with artists such as FireFlight, Chasen, The Brothers McClurg, Aaron Gillespie, Jared Campbell & many others.

Every event focuses on interaction with the crowd before, during and after. They have an overwhelming desire to be artists & musicians who are “More Than Music”. If you love gritty acoustic rock that is vocally and lyrically driven you will be sure to enjoy the unique, full and unconventional sound that Riverside Confession brings!