Life as you know it can change in a blink of an eye; all it takes is a second. You meet someone and wave at him, the next time you hear of him, he is gone-forever. For a minute, your mind is clouded with confusion and doubt and all it tells you is that it is not true. But later, it hits you so hard and then it hurts really badly.

Then you begin to remember your last encounter with him/her. What did you tell him or her? Was it pleasant or mean? If it was the former, the heart would breathe in for a moment and smile-at least you two shared a good last time. But if it was the latter, your heart would grow heavy with guilt that perhaps your harsh words or attitude drove him to his death.

No one wishes ill or death for anyone no matter how angry one may be even when they seem like they mean it. It sometimes takes a wrong turn for someone to realize this and most of the time, it may be too late.

Look around you-you want to see them tomorrow; trust me you do. You may think they are a nuisance but you don’t want them gone. Don’t wait for a tragedy to teach you that.

So be nice to people today and the days to come. And if you offended someone, go apologize before it is too late. Don’t wait for tomorrow to do what you can do today.

We are like thoughts-we exist for a second and vanish the next. Share the Good News, your time and whatever you have with someone, reach out to those who need your help and find it in your heart to forgive and love your enemies. Life is too short to waste on negative and exhausting sentiments.

Before this and each day ends, be sure you’ve settled whatever issues you have with whoever it is-your spouse, parents, wards, friends, colleagues.

Tomorrow might just be one day too late.


Inspired by “One day too late” track by Skillet.

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