Award winning writer, professor, grassroots pastor and first time author, Paul J. Pastor releases The Face Of The Deep: Exploring The Mysterious Person Of The Holy Spirit Feb. 1, 2016 from David C Cook. Through Scripture, stories and meaningful symbols, The Face of the Deep invites readers to see their world infused with holy wonder, spanning creation, art, history and theology. This compelling, creative book is intended to recapture a robust understanding and hunger for life with the Holy Spirit, inspiring readers to savor His mystery and intimate presence.

While many Christians today do not have a clear idea of who the Holy Spirit is, nor how His divine work specifically empowers or affects their lives, Pastor’s book clearly reveals how the Bible’s portrayal shows a rich, intimate, personal source of life who is woven into the very fabric of the world. Inspired by seven Old Testament and seven New Testament passages on the Holy Spirit, The Face of the Deep takes readers on a journey from the black void of Genesis 1:1 to the explosion of re-creation in the last chapter of Revelation, teaching historic doctrine and applying it with surprising beauty, spanning genres to combine memoir, biblical exposition, and modern creative non-fiction.

“My intention for this book is to give Christians an accessible, magnetic introduction to the core elements of Christian theology about the Holy Spirit. I want to awaken our imaginations and empower us to participate in the Spirit’s life,” shares Pastor. “This book is not an exhaustive work on pneumatology (a ten-dollar word meaning ‘doctrine of the Holy Spirit’), nor is it a strictly devotional work. It is a collection of biblically grounded essays, each centering on a particular aspect of the Spirit’s person and work, woven together with gleanings from art, literature, my own life, and the Bible’s intricate tapestry.”

Hoping to inspire new confidence and excitement about the Holy Spirit in readers’ lives, Pastor continues, “The Holy Spirit is intimately concerned with every turning of our lives. He is our intercessor, who groans for the Church before the Father with words ‘unutterable.’ ‘The Spirit of Jesus,’ as Acts calls Him, filled our inmost selves at salvation. Why have we become so disconnected from Him in our daily lives as Christians?”

Millions of YouVersion readers are encouraged to participate in a free, seven day The Face of the Deep reading plan at YouVersion, from Life.Church, is about engaging people into relationships with God as they discover the relevance the Bible has for their lives.

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