Audio: R.A.W. – Raw (feat. A.I Anomaly, Whoz Meech, Real Talk Willz, Zaydok the Godhop MC & King Shad)

Lead single off of the Rebel Against the World Vol. 1 mix album. The single features A.I Anomaly, Whoz Meech, Real Talk Willz, Zaydok the Godhop MC and King Shad. Production on “Raw” by Marv4MObeats.

As Christians these emcees are all admitted and confessed sinners that look to God and his Messiah who they believe through faith is their salvation. So in following the apostolic teaching that says “ye cannot be friends with the world and serve God” they are in total rebellion against the things of this world. Because the fight is not against flesh and blood the world is signifying first their own sins as people, secondly the sins of all humanity. If it’s inside the church where the judgement of God starts, their mission is to encourage the saints in love and yet warn them of open and hidden sin in the ranks of the saints. And when it comes to those outside of the church they want to share with them the saving Gospel of Christ and yet also warn them of the judgement of God and the need for repentance through the spirit of Christ

Source: SOHH PR

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