Of Eyes That See Becomes Tiffany Sinko; Debut Single “Choose You” Available Now (Audio Included)

Back at the start of August, Tiffany Sinko announced that the rock band Of Eyes That See she started at the age of 15 wasn’t over, but that it would be continuing under a different name and that the music would be changing. Ergo, Of Eyes That See is now Tiffany Sinko, with her band mates Nick Giordano and David Brockenborough still being her band.

Tiffany says about the change in direction in her Tumblr announcement post, “I want to formally announce that the chapter that is Of Eyes That See is not over, but changing. Of Eyes That See has always been Tiffany Sinko down to it’s core, and Tiffany Sinko has always been Of Eyes That See. They are one in the same. That is why Of Eyes That See will from now on be regarded as Tiffany Sinko. Tiffany Sinko is a music project that is a true reflection of who I am, who I strive to be, and the way I feel about life and the world we live in. It is, and always will be, an honest expression of myself, no matter how much I learn, grow, and change. It will always be what is at the inner-most of my heart, and it will always be exactly what I want to do in every moment. So, if you know me at all, not a lot will be different than it was in Of Eyes That See. The biggest difference will be the sound of the music and the name. But the way I write, the way I communicate with fans, and the way we play live will remain the same. Nick and David are still my band. They will still play with me and be my right-hand men. But this also allows them to live their own lives as matured men in their late 20’s and play music at the same time. And I want to share each and every step of this journey with all of you, even more so than before. My deepest hope is that I can create music that will speak to everyone who listens, and that the people that liked Of Eyes That See will support me, Nick, and David in this decision and transition by sticking with us and being the incredibly loyal fans that we love so deeply.” The full announcement can be seen here.

This Tuesday, Tiffany released her debut single “Choose You.” The audio for the song can be heard above, and the single can be picked up on iTunes here. The story behind the song can be read here.

Buy “Choose You” on iTunes here

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About Tiffany Sinko
Tiffany is above all a lover of music. She is furthermore a musician, singer, song writer, and artist. Tiffany has been pursuing a life in music since 15, when she started her own band, wrote and released 2 independent albums, played many successful shows, and developed a presence in the music world as a front woman. Now, at 19, Tiffany is molding and creating a new sound that defines her and speaks to the people who listen. With this project, she is adding something new and exciting to the world of music.