Twelve24 Release Scars Lyric Video; New From The Ground Up Album Out Now

Twelve24’s new album From The Ground Up released a couple of weeks ago. Check out the new lyric video for “Scars” off the album above.

3 music videos, 1 other lyric video, and another track have already been released from the album. Links to all those can be found below.

I recently had the chance to catch up with Josh Green from the band and chat about the new album and lots of other subjects. Check out the interview here.

Watch the music videos for the three singles off From The Ground Up
Higher | Forever and Always | Nobody But You

Watch the lyric video for #Vivalawldkdz here

Listen to “Easy To Love,” their collaboration with Mikael Wills, here.

Buy 2015 single releases on iTunes here
Higher | Forever and Always | Easy To Love (Mikael Wills)

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