Jo’s Devotions 11/02/2015: Recreated, not Reformed

The world prescribes behaviour modification approaches and rehabilitation to help correct certain socially deviant behaviours. This is because we are made to believe that we are born with a clean slate and that whatever attitudes we pick up is due to contact with the immediate environment one finds himself in. Thus, whatever attitude learned can be unlearned.

So people pay so much to check themselves in to such centres and they come out seemingly reformed only to ‘catch the flu’ again. So the question is, is the ‘world’ the problem or is it that of the nature of man himself?

Man is born flawed and none of the ideal parenting techniques or world-acclaimed ‘good life attitudes’ can fix that. There is a limit to what humans can do to stay clean; but to feel utterly complete is out of our hands. The world propagates that we are of our own so whatever peace or motivation we need to move on ahead in this life can be found within us but what possible comfort could one draw out from an empty soul who is frantically searching for closure itself?

Reformed persons can fall into relapse again but to be recreated is to be born anew. The old nature is gone; the new is here to stay. Recovering alcoholics for instance may boast of months and even years of turning sober but without the transforming power of God, it is most likely they would find themselves back on the bottle in the end. So why spend so much money and resources on just getting a quick fix and a temporary solution instead of a permanent resolution without paying a dime for it?

Every automobile brand has its unique parts. Trying to replace defected parts with those of another brand though may seem harmless at first but may cost you more in the end. Man was born to seek after God, his creator. Only He can satisfy the yearnings of the soul without having to search for supplementary help elsewhere. Christ is our Rock of Ages, all other things are just sinking sands.

Reformation is expensive and short-lived; recreation is absolutely free and eternal. Your soul is eternal; why not give it an assurance worth its lifespan instead of gambling it with momentary contentment? Your life is too precious for that.

It is not too late to make a turnaround; the One who died for you is still waiting to take you in. Give your soul an assurance beyond what this world can offer; after all, the world can’t help you when you are gone.


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