Demon Hunter’s Extremist Deluxe Album Out Now

Demon Hunter released the deluxe edition of their Extremist album on Friday, which is a digital only deluxe edition of the record. The digital deluxe version features two songs that were previously featured exclusively on the box set edition of the album “Waste Me” and “Helpless Hope,” plus two remixes of “The Last One Alive”. Demon Hunter also recently released their new music video for “The Last One Alive” which can also be checked out below.

Track List:
1. Death
2. Artificial Light
3. What I’m Not
4. The Last One Alive
5. I Will Fail You
6. One Last Song
7. Cross To Bear
8. Hell Don’t Need Me
9. In Time
10. Beyond Me
11. Gasoline
12. The Heart of a Graveyard
13. Waste Me
14. Helpless Hope
15. The Last One Alive (Teminite Remix)
16. The Last One Alive (The Face Remix)


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