Rend Collective Says “As Family We Go” With New Graceful Album

Review By: Rebekah Joy
Release Date: 08/21/2015
Rating: [usr 7]

Some may describe Rend Collective as a folk band hailing from Bangor, Northern Ireland. While this is true, it is really only the beginning. They are a vibrant group of individuals who find joy in making music and making listeners feel like family. Their approach of using unique, and even homemade, instruments mixed with their charm has helped them gain a large following of people who love their music. As Family We Go, their 5th album, really shows that there are no limits to their creativity as a band. With each release it is expected that it is as good as music can get, and yet again they continued to surpass expectations.

“You Will Never Run” is the first single from the album, and rightfully so. Its upbeat pop feel will automatically put a smile on listeners’ faces. Between the upbeat feel and encouraging lyrics, it is clear as to why this was selected as the first single. The song talks about how God will always be with us. No matter what the circumstances, He will never run away or leave us. The joy can be felt throughout the passionate vocals that really show the depth at which the band really believes the message they are sharing.

 “Every Giant Will Fall” is a very heart-felt, emotion filled song. The song is a prayer that when we feel like David facing our own Goliath’s, God will be with us and get us through the difficult times. “Every chain of the past, you’ve broken in two…we’re singing the truth, that nothing is impossible with you.” The song is a prayer but at the same time a song of praise. Praising God for being with us through it all.

“One and Only” is a song of pure wonder and praise, as it praises God for all that He has created, and made for us here on earth. The honest and raw love can be felt through the passion of the vocals, with the combination of delicate and passion filled vocals, and beautiful vocals, creating a beautiful worship song.

 “Your Royal Blood” is a spin from the classic hymn Nothing But The Blood. The timeless classic lyrics are woven in with new and powerful lyrics, along with fantastic melodies. The song talks about how the blood shed for us on the cross is what saved us, and made us victorious.

The deluxe edition of the album includes 3 remixed versions of songs from the album, as well as two original songs “Ireland’s Call” and “Never weigh me down.”

Overall As Family We Go is an incredible album that deserves lots of celebration. The unique sound that has made people fall in love with the band is heard throughout the entire album. Rend Collective is known for their genuine worship and love for God, and that is definitely clear throughout the entire album.


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