Book Review: “The Chase” by Kyle & Kelsey Kupecky

When many hear the name Kyle Kupecky it is usually associated with his former connection with the Christian boy band Anthem Lights. Many would also recognize the name Kelsey Kupecky due to her acting career, and being the daughter of New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury. Currently married and expecting their first child, Kyle and Kelsey decided to write a book entitled The Chase – Trusting God with your Happily Ever After. Throughout the book they share their incredible love story, and encourage and inspire teenage girls to put God first in their lives.

Kyle and Kelsey take turns each chapter sharing stories, and giving helpful advice to girls on how to wait for God, and how to enter a God-honoring relationship. The wise words and wisdom filled pages really shed light on the special relationship and Godly love story that only God could have created for Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky.

Overall the book is an incredible resource for teenage girls waiting to enter a relationship, and even those girls who are already in a relationship. The book can serve as a guideline, and incredible help for teenage girls in navigating one of the most special experiences a girl can have.

Whether already in a relationship, or still waiting for their Prince Charming, girls everywhere should pick up a copy of The Chase to learn more about trusting God with their happily ever afters.

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