“An engaging and artful book…” –Charlie Peacock

Singer/songwriter Staci Frenes celebrates the one-year anniversary of her book, Flourish: Cultivate Creativity, Sow Beauty, Live in Color with the release of a new Flourish audiobook, read by Frenes and available now at Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Frenes’ creativity and passion for encouraging others led her into first-time author territory with the release of Flourish, a conversational, inspiring collection of stories and insights about how to cultivate a life in which one’s unique gifts find their full expression. The book follows Frenes’ creative journey, and also those of people from across the creative spectrum—from homemakers to professional artists—who use their talents in generous and life-giving ways.

Flourish has garnered praise from influential voices within both the creative and evangelical communities.

  • “Whether you are a creator, a parent, an activist, or you are harboring your own ambition for a fuller life, this book will help you discover God’s calling for you to flourish.”Rich Stearns, President World Vision
  • “A rigorously honest book from a deeply creative person…about an imaginative life right in the middle of the glory, shame, and trials of everyday life.” – Charlie Peacock, Grammy-award winning producer
  • Flourish is a gentle call to listen to the still, small voice that tells us to do, to make, to sing, to write, to be because we are and we matter.” –Jason Gray, Centricity Music recording artist

Eight albums into a successful indie music career, Frenes, a UC-Berkeley graduate, mom and former English teacher, knows a little something about creativity. Her acoustic folk-pop songs have inspired not only audiences at her concerts all over the country, but millions of viewers on major network shows such as The Biggest Loser, America’s Next Top Model, All My Children and Nashville as well as in nationally released feature films.

Since the book’s release, Frenes has been speaking about the message of Flourish at conferences and retreats across the country, while continuing to perform concerts. “Flourish events”—held in coffeehouses, churches, galleries, bookstores, and living rooms—are designed with three main goals in mind, according to Frenes: “to uncover our distinct areas of giftedness; to develop and nurture them with passion and discipline; and to find joy and purpose in sharing them with others.”

Flourish is available in print wherever books are sold online and the audiobook is available at Amazon, Audible and iTunes.  For more information about Flourish, Frenes’ music and tour schedule, visit her social media accounts below.


Source: Shannon Walker

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