For Montgomery, Ala.-based Christian hip-hop group Life Through Colors, their recent visit to Haiti was truly a life-changing experience. They were invited by the cultural affairs office at the US Embassy in Haiti Sept. 27 – Oct. 3, 2015. They were asked to share not only their music but their messages about non-violence.

 During the visit the group went to several places including an activity center for homeless kids.

 “It just amazed me and really opened my eyes at how good we have it,” said Jimbo.“The stuff we complain about is irrelevant. They even asked us if they could switch places with the homeless kids in the states, which kind of put a lump in my throat.”

 “We’re family now and would do anything to get back to them,” said T. Pope.

 T. Pope said that Kafou, a red zone area, was a site to see. It is considered very dangerous and they had to travel with heavy security and armored vehicles.

 “Just being able to see such an impoverished area where the people basically sell scrap to eat was humbling and makes me appreciate God’s blessings in the states even more,” said T. Pope.

 A women’s prison was among the stops.

 “The women received our message well,” said Rockette. “I could tell that some of them really love God.”

 They also spoke and performed at he Gymnasium Vincent, the Welcome Centre of Delmas 3, the YMCA of Croix-des-Bouquets, Sakala to (Cite Soleil), among other places. They were also part of a free concert at Villa MaMiKa.


Source: Amanda B. Granger

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