7eventh Time Down Prove That “God Is On The Move” With New Album

Release Date: 8/21/15
Rating: [usr 8.75]

The idea of revival seems to be the underlying theme on 7eventh Time Down’s third studio album. And with an album title of God Is on the Move, how could it not be? Many of the songs celebrate the mighty power of God and inspire believers to fearlessly live out their faith.

The first song, the title track, starts off soft and simple, the pulse of the drum almost echoing God’s heartbeat, His presence among His people. A moment later there is an explosion of energy, proclaiming that God is on the move in many mighty ways. The bass provides the song with a solid foundation, and the guitar effortlessly fills in and adds to the exciting atmosphere.

“Hopes and Dreams” is an inspiring song with a soaring melody. Mikey Howard’s voice is in top form, rising above the strong guitar chords. The subtle bell tones drift on top of the accompaniment, adding a lightness that compliments the song perfectly. Many believers will be able to relate to the message of this song, which speaks of God’s power to bring us out of any situation, no matter how difficult, no matter if it was our own decisions that got us there. With God, there is a renewed hope, a reassurance that anything is possible.

“Lean On” is another song that speaks of the comfort found in the everlasting arms of the One who created us, the lyrics reminiscent of the old hymn. The lilting piano underscores the sweetness of the vocal harmonies. The encouragement continues with “Always,” reminding us of the mercy and grace and forgiveness that God loves to bestow upon us. He longs to welcome us back into His loving embrace if we will simply turn around and run back to Him. This track starts out with an intricate finger-style acoustic guitar solo that is expertly woven throughout the rest of the song, and ends with an excellent electric guitar solo.

“Pray It Down” is a spirited cry for God to send His Spirit down and create a little bit of heaven here on this earth, the body of Christ coming together to be a light, guiding the way to God through this dark world. The drums and bass certainly stand out on this track, coming together to establish a notable rhythm section presence.

The highlight of this record is quite possibly “Revival,” an up-tempo, country-flavored, foot stompin’ good time. The lyrics seem to be the embodiment of this album’s main theme, emphasizing the importance of having that foundation of an unwavering faith in Jesus Christ, a foundation that can then be the catalyst for visibly living out one’s faith.

Overall, this album is a breath of fresh air, offering hope and encouragement for living a life of faith. The uplifting lyrics and indelible melodies will remain with the listener long after the music has stopped.


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