Disciple’s Vultures EP Out Today

Just two days after announcing the release date of their new EP, Disciple released their highly anticipated Vultures EP today through various digital platforms, with physical copies being available exclusively at shows for now and from their online store in the coming weeks. The EP is not yet up on iTunes but will be shortly and we’ll share the link when it is.

The EP consists of 6 tracks that didn’t fit in thematically with their Attack album from a year ago but the band didn’t just want to release them as “Attack’s B-Sides” thanks to the band’s belief in the songs, ergo the “Vultures EP” was born. The EP’s cover artwork was designed by Disciple’s drummer Joey West and the EP’s tracklisting can be seen below.

Want to find out more about the new EP? You can watch our recent interview with Disciple below.

Vultures Tracklisting:
1. Sayonara
2. Snooze
3. Awakening
4. More
5. Bring The Dead To Life
6. Breaking Down

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