On Friday, Andy Mineo released his highly anticipated sophomore album Uncomfortable and it is now available wherever you buy your music.

Mineo’s previous project entitled Never Land (read our review here) debuted at number one on iTunes, selling over 25,000 digital albums its first week. The official video for “You Can’t Stop Me” off Never Land has been viewed over one million times on YouTube and the single has sold over 90K units.

In 2014, SwaysUniverse.com posed the question “Is Andy Mineo the future of rap?” Mineo has appeared on MTV’s RapFix Live and Shade 45/Sirius XM’s Sway in the Morning where hip-hop culture icon and veteran, Sway showed immense support for the artist saying, “This dude can rap. He can rap his ass off. [This is] music you can tune into 24 hours a day.”

Mineo attributes Uncomfortable‘s fresh but nostalgic sounds to his hometown of New York City.

He describes the album as, “Musical and sample-driven. There are not a lot of anthemic pop songs on this album. It’s more of a cohesive body of work. My other albums have sounded like playlists. This is more of a focused full-body of music. It’s uncomfortable in its approach. I break a lot of song structure but it will take people on a journey.”

Like his previous album, Heroes for Sale and Never Land EP, Mineo combines witty and powerfully authentic lyrics to deliver a highly entertaining, yet positive message filled with anecdotes and lessons that truly resonate with listeners.

Check out the unique “behind the scenes of each track” Instagram profiles for each track on Uncomfortable below.

Track 1 – Uncomfortable – http://mineo.cta.gs/00r
Track 2 – Uptown – http://mineo.cta.gs/00w
Track 3 – Now I Know – http://mineo.cta.gs/00x
Track 4 – Desperados – http://mineo.cta.gs/00y
Track 5 – Hear My Heart – http://mineo.cta.gs/00z
Track 6 – David’s Roof – http://mineo.cta.gs/010
Track 7 – Rat Race – http://mineo.cta.gs/011
Track 8 – Know That’s Right – http://mineo.cta.gs/012
Track 9 – Vendetta – http://mineo.cta.gs/013
Track 10 – Ghost – http://mineo.cta.gs/014
Track 11 – Love – http://mineo.cta.gs/015
Track 12 – Strange Motions – http://mineo.cta.gs/016
Track 13 – Make Me A Believer – http://mineo.cta.gs/017

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