Emerging entertainment executive and media personality Gerald “Da Gospel Truth” Jones’ INDEPENDENT SPIRIT, VOL. 1 (Plus 2 Music/Mixed Bag Entertainment) compilation project is available via iTunes, Amazon, and wherever music is sold digitally. The inaugural installment of the compilation project provides what’s fresh, new, and undiscovered in Gospel and Christian music.

The 14-track set of EDM, contemporary gospel, R&B, pop, and more, features an impressive roster of ethnically and geographically diverse talent. The project features all new music from SENSERE, Deah Harriott, Bam Travis and Chris Jackson (Toni Braxton, Tank, The Isley Brothers) in addition to songs from Bryan Pound, God’s Chosen, and Danielle Munizzi (daughter of Martha Munizzi) to name a few.

As compilation visionary – Gerald Jones was exposed to underexposed góspel music talent as he traveled the country. He noticed a disconnect between the anointed and innovative music he was hearing from independent artists in small towns and big cities alike versus the narrow categories reflected in the same 10 songs that he was hearing on radio over and over again. While he appreciated the artistry in mainstream gospel music, Gospel Music fans who were also expressing a desire to hear a greater diversity of new voices decided to turn his frustration into revelation and teamed up with emerging independent label Mixed Bag Entertainment to create THE INDEPENDENT SPIRIT, VOL. 1 compilation project.

Gerald Jones is a recognized media force in the faith-based entertainment industry with branches extending to television, music, journalism, and more. He is best known for being the Founder and CEO of DaGospelTruth.com – one of gospel’s leading source for news and entertainment. Gerald is also the A&R/Marketing Director for Earnest Pugh’s label EPM Music Group, a contributing writer for Essence.com, an A&R Consultant for emerging independent label Mixed Bag Entertainment and has written songs for award winning artists Amber Bullock, Lowell Pye, Virtue and more.


Source: The J Hardy Agency

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