We all go to bed expecting to wake up the next morning. We cover ourselves, put the lights out and then close our eyes. And then we give the alarm clock the responsibility of waking us up when the sun rises.

Some of us have entered the operating room and have felt the chills of it; or some of our loved ones have. The doctors assure us that it is just a simple procedure and it will take only half an hour. Then we sit, waiting in the corridor believing that when they open the door, they will come out with a smile.

When we are lying on our beds sleeping or lying on the operating table drugged to unconsciousness, we have no idea what is going on around us. Whether a lit candle has managed to touch the curtain or a gas cylinder has begun to leak, you’d never know till your eyes pop open.

It is the same way in the O.R. Whether the surgeon accidentally punctured a vein or left an instrument inside you and then stitched you up, you wouldn’t know until later. There is more to life than we imagine there is to it; waking up, dressing up, going about our routines, hanging out with friends and then retiring to bed. There is more to life than inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.

Most people of today make fun of the fact there is a God somewhere who gives and takes life as and when He wills it. Some believe they are their own gods so only they can choose how and when to pass away. Others choose to believe the forces of the universe determine how our lives go. So we sleep without a care in a world; never thinking that could be the very last time we see earth.

I don’t know if you’ve ever come close to death or heard the story of someone who has. The chillness of the experience or of the story makes you wonder how many times you could have lost it all… but God spared your life. Many times you may have offended God that He could have just stripped you of your breath…but He showed mercy instead. So many times death came knocking…you could feel it your dreams; being chased or attacked but just when you knew it was your end, your eyes opened.

Then what do we say? “Oh, it was just a nightmare.”

Whenever we close our eyes and give our bodies away to sleep, we lose control of any willpower. It is about time we appreciated the One who watches us in our slumber and sustains our breath and stopped living like we own ourselves. You may not believe in God but He exists and if you’re still alive, it is because of His brand new mercies He shows each morning. You are not of yourself, there is someone you’ll account to someday.

So the next time you open your eyes and behold the morning sun’s rays, thank God for another day and keeping your breath. And if you happen to see yourself on the hospital bed after sometime in the O.R., thank God for keeping your organs intact.

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