We love school because we get to learn new exciting stuff and get to hang out with friends. But we hate it when the teacher gives an assignment or announces an impromptu test. We know they are inevitable, but we groan in protest anyway. It doesn’t change the date of the test and it doesn’t make the test any easier. It is mandatory because without the test, we can’t be evaluated to proceed to the next grade. So we swallow our loath towards it and do our bid to pass the test and put it behind us.

Life as we know it is full of tests but unlike school, we don’t get to know when a test is coming our way. There is no way to know when it’s safe to relax and when to stay on guard. We find it pleasurable when enjoying the fruits of our labor but how we wish we wouldn’t have to labor in the first place!

Sadly enough, most people tend to focus more on the pain and frustration that their tests and trials bring than on the prize ahead. As Christians, we know that this life on earth is merely a journey to an eternal one in heaven. And like every other journey, there are bound to be bumps on the road; some avoidable, others not so much. But each test we face is to prepare us and make us stronger for the place set before us.

We may find ourselves bombarded with issues from every side and everyone we know may be getting ahead of us but in this race called life, it does not matter who starts first or runs the fastest, it’s about who finishes well.

So when you fall down, don’t stay down; keep your eyes on the destination you’re headed. Don’t wallow in self-pity but in every tough situation, remember that God has good plans for you, to prosper you and bring you to a good place. You may not know the full picture at the time you start your race but one thing that should put you at ease is remembering that the One who has called you has already finished it. All you have to do is walk in the steps He orders for you. It would not be easy but your glorious end is assured.

Your pain will end up being your pulpit to tell others of God’s goodness; your mess will be the message that God’s grace is all-sufficient and your cries will become your song of praise. So run the race as if your life depended on it (well, it does) and when you endure to the end, a glorious crown awaits you.



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Josephine Amoako is a contributor and a lover of Christian music from Ghana. She's an enthusiastic writer of stories, Christian and inspirational articles and poems. She's also a graduate of the University of Ghana, where she read French and Psychology. She has dreams of becoming a script/screenwriter in the future and has a burning desire to share her talent with the whole world.

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