Music Video: NomiS – Traffic

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In a time in HipHop where everybody is busy competing and proclaiming themselves as “king”, the actual substance of the music has continually taken a backseat. But in the vein of KRS-ONE or Kendrick Lamar, Nomis refuses to take that route and shows this to be true in his new single, “Traffic”. A video that gives you a glimpse into the harsh realities of the Sex Trafficking industry. With guest vocals by John Givez (Dream Junkies) and Co-Production by Anthony Cruz (Kings Dream Ent.), this song is truly the definition of what they call, “Edutainment”. “Traffic” is the 2nd single from Nomis’ forthcoming album, “Socially Just”.

Starring Bree Knapp & Rob Nixon
Directed & Edited by Jason Encabo
Cinematography by Arvin Abadilla
Production by myself & Kyle Kirchmeier


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