7 Weeks of P.O.D. – Topher Counts Down His Top 50 Tracks: Part 7

The penultimate installment in my top 50 P.O.D. songs features seven of my absolute favorites. All that’s missing is #1.

  1. “Set Your Eyes to Zion” [The Fundamental Elements of Southtown]

This reggae tune is on the band’s 2006 Greatest Hits compilation for a reason. The summer vibes musically make a fine contrast with the uplifting message.

  1. “Goodbye for Now” [Testify]

Featuring a then-unknown Katy Perry near the end of the track, “Goodbye for Now” is a powerful song with a soaring chorus. Needless to say, the most successful single from Testify is also among the album’s highlights.

  1. “Murdered Love” [Murdered Love]

Murdered Love was a solid album overall, but the title track is next-level P.O.D. From the syncopated rapping to the haunting guitar lines and everything in between, the song about Jesus’ crucifixion is by far the best on the record.

  1. “Asthma” [Payable On Death]

“Asthma” may be tucked at the back end of 2003’s Payable On Death, but the album’s heaviest song is among the best the band has ever written, and a fantastic predecessor to “Eternal.”


  1. “Youth of the Nation” [Satellite]

Arguably the band’s most popular song, “Youth of the Nation” is a foot-stomping anthem with a somber mood to it. My favorite from Satellite never ceases to stand the test of time.


  1. “Mistakes & Glories” [Testify]

“Mistakes & Glories” is Testify at its most aggressive, thanks mainly to the bone-crushing instrumentation. In fact, the only thing hindering it from being my #1 P.O.D. song is a scheduling conflict. To this day I wonder how the song would sound had Korn’s Jonathan Davis been able to record guest vocals as planned.


  1. “Southtown” [The Fundamental Elements of Southtown]

Though the Warriors EP’s “Southtown” is a lot rawer and features a longer, heavier bridge, it’s the album version that made P.O.D. a household name in hard rock. It may be a bit polished up compared to its EP counterpart, but the addition of a second verse was a good call. Adding this to the EP version could have resulted in one super “Southtown” that would undoubtedly be #1 in my mind.

My “countdown” of sorts concludes with my #1 favorite on release day, so stay tuned. Think you can guess what it is? Feel free to take a crack at it in the comments below. The San Diego natives’ newest hits stores everywhere Friday, but you can pre-order it on iTunes and Amazon right now. My full review of The Awakening is also up for your viewing pleasure, so feel free to give that a read and let me know what you think. After all, what’s an opinion that can’t be expressed? Connect with us on social media to further the conversation with the hashtag “#7WeeksOfPOD.”

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