7 Weeks of P.O.D. – Topher Counts Down His Top 50 Tracks: Part 6

With The Awakening just around the corner, 7 Weeks of P.O.D. continues with this newest segment.

  1. “Condescending” [When Angels & Serpents Dance]

“Condescending” is my personal favorite from When Angels & Serpents Dance, by far. The blazing guitar line from Marcos is what really pushes this upbeat track over the top.


  1. “Boom” [Satellite]

An emphatic anthem with a crushing riff, it’s no wonder “Boom” is still played in stadiums across the country, even 13 years after being released as a single. This Satellite track is the perfect pump-up jam.


  1. “Mark My Words” [Testify]

The chilling closer from 2006’s Testify features a guest spot from Sick Jacken. The Psycho Realm co-founder adds a nice touch to the already-eerie soundscape, resulting in a fantastic way to finish off the record.

  1. “Truly Amazing” [The Passion of the Christ: Songs]

The title of this song inspired by the 2004 Mel Gibson film sums it up quite well. Its overwhelming sense of melody makes way for a soaring chorus, with singing from both Sonny and guitarist Jason Truby.

  1. “Hollywood” [The Fundamental Elements of Southtown]

“Hollywood” is the first song from the band’s 1999 major label debut (not including the intro “Greetings”). The rap-rock track is the perfect introduction to P.O.D. on a mass scale.

  1. “Wildfire” [Payable On Death]

On the Payable On Death opener, a blistering riff complements the melodic core, solidifying “Wildfire” as a Truby-era favorite.


  1. “Alive” [Satellite]

“Alive” was released in advance of Satellite, but didn’t seriously begin picking up steam until the record hit shelves worldwide on 9/11. The album’s uplifting lead single couldn’t have possibly taken over the airwaves at a more fitting time.

My “countdown” of sorts continues on Wednesday, before concluding on release day, so stay tuned. The San Diego natives’ newest hits stores everywhere Friday, but you can pre-order it on iTunes and Amazon right now. My full review of The Awakening is also up for your viewing pleasure, so feel free to give that a read and let me know what you think. After all, what’s an opinion that can’t be expressed? Connect with us on social media to further the conversation with the hashtag “#7WeeksOfPOD.”

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