SHINEBRIGHT Shine Bright On “Only You” EP

Review By: Rebekah Joy
Release Date: 07/17/15
Rating: [usr 6.75]

For SHINEBRIGHT the release of Only You meant more then just proving themselves through their sophomore release. Going from a four piece band that was Shine Bright Baby, to the husband and wife duo SHINEBRIGHT, this album was almost a reintroduction to the music industry. This album really solidifies who SHINEBRIGHT is as a band, and will make listeners very excited for the future of the band.

The first track “Closer to the Sun” has a very fun, and upbeat sound. The song really showcases the flawless nature of the vocal talents of Emily Irene. This track really sets the album off to a solid start in showing listeners that the band’s name may have changed, but they still have that phenomenal sound that made listeners fall in love with them with their debut album Dreamers.

Reckless for Love” really shows off the incredible range that Emily and the ever-smooth guest vocalist Jonathan Thulin are capable of in their vocals. The verses talk about never giving up even when life gets difficult and we are faced with adversity, with the driving “pump up” backing track inspiring listeners to keep running.

Limitless” starts off with a very interesting techno beat that really draws the listeners in and makes them want to hear more. The song, which features some well placed chillstep moments throughout, talks about how with God everything is possible. “With you, it’s infinite//with you, it’s limitless//with you, I’m infinite//with you, I’m limitless.” The song also features Rapture Ruckus’ Brad Dring whose raw rap vocals blend really well with Emily’s smoky ones and elevate the dance track to new heights.

The title track “Only You” is a song just overflowing with praise. The lyrics really show the band’s love of God, and their desire to share that love with listeners. Once again this song really displays the phenomenal vocals that the band possesses.

Spectacle of Light” has a very eerie sound that gives the band their unique feel that people love. The song talks about how without God we are cold and we need him to live.

The EP also includes remixed versions of “Closer to the Sun (Unikron),” “Only You (David Thulin)” and “Limitless (Matthew Parker),” and a version of “Reckless for Love” without Jonathan Thulin.

Overall SHINEBRIGHT continues to impress listeners with their incredible vocal talents and abilities, however the beats and background music at times become too overpowering for the lyrics and vocals to reach their full potential. Only You marks a new start for SHINEBRIGHT and, overall, they’re off to a good start and the EP will certainly leave listeners wanting more.

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