Jo’s Devotions 08/10/15 – Pain Reliever

Pleasure and pain are like the sides of a coin. When life offers us the former, we smile even in our sleep. But when the coin is tossed and we get the latter, our very own skin feels alien to us. Pain could be seen as any extreme discomfort to the point that it begins to hurt. As sensitive as we have been made, pain feels horrible no matter how many times we experience it. And thankfully, painkillers have been formulated to help us with this undesirable sensation. And we only think of them when the pain appears (except the addicts who take them whether or not the pain exists).

And unfortunately, that’s how many people see God: as a pain reliever; someone they turn to only when things get difficult. When things are going well and they are on a pleasure cruise, God is relegated to the background. He is only sought after when the storm hits and the tides rise and the situation turns dire.

But God is more than a pain reliever. He deserves our gratitude when life is sailing smoothly. He is not just an emergency option. He should be our daily consultant in our sunny and gloomy days. If we invite Him into every aspect of our lives, we would be spared a lot of unnecessary heartache and pit falls. But even when we fall out of line, God remains faithful; and for that we should be deeply grateful.

Life doesn’t promise a smooth ride but the One who gives us life promises to stick with us through thick and thin. He is not just a Comforter and Companion in troubled times; He can be the Protector of all that is dear to you in your good times as well. So open up your heart to all that God can do for you and your life will be a never-ending story of God’s goodness.