Javon Inman, an acclaimed Gospel recording artist, releases a heartfelt and passionate new single “Empty Me”. Captured with Inman’s remarkable vocals, alongside the powerhouse singers and musicans, H.O.A.W. (Heart of a Worshiper), “Empty Me” is a worshiper’s anthem that will resonate with souls around the world. The new song is already showing radio endorsements and has debuted on a number of stations including WHUR 96.3 FM – Washington, DC, Spiritco1 Radio (Internet) and Christian Jukebox Radio (Internet). 

Known for his authentic worship style, Inman is excited about “Empty Me”, the new single, but more so for the listeners. “This song is for people who are frustrated with their own agendas or feel they keep finding themselves back at square one,” Inman says. “It’s not easy abandoning our own agendas, but it is necessary to fulfill our purpose. There was a season where I hit rock bottom and I found strength in Proverbs 19:21, which breathed life into my valley and became the foundation for my new single.” 

While Inman is grateful to have received many accolades and awards from his debut project, “Heart of a Worshiper,” he proclaims, with conviction, that his focus is ministry. “I have been tremendously blessed and I don’t take anything for granted,” Inman says humbly. “But what really gets me going is knowing that I can hear God’s heart and set it to music for the edification of the Body. I am obedient to the Lord’s call, first. Everything else that comes along the way is a bonus.”


“Javon Inman’s new song Empty Me is a beautiful message of hope from an excellent music minister.”
– Henry Harris, Spiritco1 Radio Owner

“Empty Me is a passionate and bracing mid-tempo ballad.”
– Bob Marovich, The Journal of Gospel Music.

“It’s [Empty Me] beautiful.”
– Jacquie Gales Webb, Award-Winning Producer & Host of Sunday Afternoon Gospel, WHUR 96.3 FM

“This [Empty Me] is the JAVON I know!”
– Kevin James, Host of Christian Jukebox Radio


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Source: The Bellamy Group

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