It’s been rumored, it’s been craved for by their fans, and former band members have been quoted as saying they wouldn’t mind reforming for a tour or something at some point, and moments ago Underoath updated their Facebook profile picture and cover picture to pictures simply saying “REBIRTHISCOMING”. They have also just uploaded the 15 second teaser video which can be seen here.

So, are Underoath making a return? It certainly looks like it! And one look at their website and specifically the countdown, currently at 24: 22: 55: 00 (at time of posting), and the inclusion of the word “CON.SCIOUS.NESS” below it, AND the teaser clip being “I’m drowning in my sleep” reversed (see below), would seemingly put it beyond any reasonable doubt – a rebirth of Underoath is happening on August 25th. Now, exactly what that “rebirth” exactly entails is yet to be seen but we will keep you up to date with any developments as and when they happen so be sure to “Get Plugged In!” to us, and Underoath themselves, below to stay wired in to those.

underoath rebirthiscoming countdown

And for those who are wondering what the teaser clip sounds like reversed, you can listen to it here courtesy of an Underoath fan. It’s a slowed down version of the “I’m drowning in my sleep” part of Underoath’s “Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door” song off their 2004 They’re Only Chasing Safety album. Read into that what you will…

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