After having been quiet for a while, Write This Down posted an update on their Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. The update, which can be seen below, contained an update on the band members’ lives, an announcement of a new Foundations EP, and the premiere of the EP’s title track. The new “Foundations” track can be heard here, and a pre-order for the EP will be put up soon so be sure to “Get Plugged In!” to Write This Down’s social media accounts to stay apprised on those details.

“Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanks for hangin’ in there so long. It’s taken entirely too long to put out some new jams, but we finally have a little something to show you. Quick life update: Chad and Rachel and sweet baby Jase moved to Utah. Mike and Tianna are getting married in September and have recently bought a house in the cities. King and Kelly are moving to Arizona in September, helping out our best buds megamike and heidi continue Eikon Guitars. And Dani and I (Nate) just bought a house up in St. Cloud. Needless to say, we’ve been growing up. Finding the time and funds have been difficult, and balancing dreams with responsibilities is a formula we’re still trying to figure out. We wrote the Foundations EP during the ups and downs of the past two years, and we really hope you enjoy them. We’re gonna put a pre-order up soon, but in the meantime take a listen to the title track “Foundations”.”

All the best,
Nate, Mike, Chad, and King

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