The Classic Crime’s Matt Macdonald Pens Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg

Eleven days ago, The Classic Crime’s frontman Matt Macdonald “penned” an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Inc. about Facebook’s marketing techniques and Facebook’s “free” reach in a Facebook status. The original post can be seen here, and the open letter can be read below. What do you think of what Matt said? Let us know in the comments below (we think he’s absolutely spot on!).

Dear Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, Inc.,

Marketing art is not like marketing other businesses. Our transaction with “customers” is more than an exchange of dollars for goods and services. It’s about connection. We need to be able to share who we are, what we think, things we are doing, and receive feedback without having to pay extra money to reach those who’ve proven their interest. The thing is, we might have a lot of “Likes,” perhaps comparable to multi-million dollar businesses, but we don’t make a lot of money. We don’t have a budget for marketing. We can’t even support one full-time employee. We are musicians. We rely on interaction about songs and events that don’t feed the bottom line of $$ – but feed a different bottom line – one of connection, interaction, and doing some good in the world. This comes from the fundamental belief that art inspires beyond, say, what Coca-Cola does. There is something that it tangibly does in society that is different (and dare I say, better) than employment, lifestyle identity, production, and profits. When you throttle the artist-fan connection, treating it like a business-customer connection, you are not helping to curate good things in this world. You are boiling everything down to the binary, two-dimensional realm of commerce. I understand the service can’t be free, but what about a subscription-based model for artists? Or any other way to separate us from the commercial realm. Please, for the sake of insignificant, independent artists like us, allow us to visit our listeners without the “stick up” 10% of the way over. It’s no wonder you are being replaced by email lists. Email! How is this moving the world forward? When we are selling a record, we will happily pay to “boost” that news to more people, but at least let us communicate with the people who “Like” us. Or at least let them opt out of updates, and not have their defaults set to “unfollow.” Not every exchange here is about money. Facebook used to be about more than profit… it’s sad to see it devolve. Sincerely, Matt.


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