In a world wrecked with deceit and dishonesty at every level of personal relationships, mistrust seems to be the new ‘normal’ affection brewing in everyone’s heart and suspicion being the icing on the cake of thoughts flashing through the mind. Life has taught people in the hardest way that it is imprudent and even suicidal to put your eggs in one basket when it comes to loving someone. Judging from a phone-in poll on a radio program, most men see it as an overgenerous gesture to enter a relationship with even half his heart.

And it is a quite acceptable fact that the two people claiming to be lovers have differing proportions of love towards each other. One person always seems to love, admire and appreciate the other more. Ideally, the level of affection should be nearly as equal as possible. But clearly, that’s not the case.

Nowadays, people love with their heads and keep their hearts under heavy lock and key. The popular marital vows are now taken with a pinch of salt. They are recited with ecstasy at the spur of the moment without reflecting on what those words mean. And when the harsh realities of life begin to hit hard, they discover how shallow their commitment to each other is.

Some prefer to end up with people who would love them more than they do; it is safer for them to grow in love with someone already crazy about them than the other way round. It feels better to be the recipient of someone’s undivided love and attention than to be the giver (especially when it is not being reciprocated). But according to a professional, tying the knot with someone you don’t love enough, someone you have appreciable levels of tolerance for (as long as it is convenient) is a recipe for self-destruction and sure misery for the rest of your days.

Christians would agree that the perfect example of someone who truly loved was Jesus. Although He was scorned by those He came to save, He died for them anyway. He knew many people would continue to despise Him and mock Him for being the Son of God for many years to come, but His arms remain wide open to anyone who runs to Him. My God is a Lover: He gave up what was most precious to Him for us; not everyone appreciates what He did but His love never ceases to cover us all.

Why do you decide to love someone? Is it because you think they deserve it or you believe you were born to love that particular person? Every object of love has its flaws be it human or even a pet but we love them anyway. The one who loves gives a part of themselves and, in giving, finds satisfaction and fulfillment.

If you’re looking for the perfect person most deserving of your heart and love, you might never find him/her. But we have all been born with the innate duty to love so we find someone to lavish it on. So if you have found someone to love, love with everything you’ve got; for love covers a multitude of sins. It may sound reckless but if even God in all His holiness would love you as flawed as you are, why withhold a piece of your heart from someone else with same or even lesser faults? We don’t deserve God’s love but He freely showers it on us; thus we should freely love. After all, there is much more blessing in giving than in receiving.


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Josephine Amoako is a contributor and a lover of Christian music from Ghana. She's an enthusiastic writer of stories, Christian and inspirational articles and poems. She's also a graduate of the University of Ghana, where she read French and Psychology. She has dreams of becoming a script/screenwriter in the future and has a burning desire to share her talent with the whole world.

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