7 Weeks of P.O.D. – Topher Counts Down His Top 50 Tracks: Part 4

On the heels of their ninth full-length, The Awakening, we at JesusWired decided to do something special for long-time hard rockers P.O.D. We’ll mark this as the halfway point of “#7WeeksOfPOD,” with just over half of my personal favorites locked in, and 23 more to go.

  1. “Strength of My Life” [Testify]

Musically, the ninth track from 2006’s Testify is a fun reggae song flowing with all kinds of good vibes, thanks in part to a guest appearance from Matisyahu. The worshipful lyrics are simply the icing on the cake.

  1. “Outkast” [The Fundamental Elements of Southtown]

The closer from 1999’s major label debut showcases a haunting guitar tone, while its aggressive nature ties things up nicely. And of course, one cannot forget the instrumental hidden track, “Tambura,” which follows two minutes of silence after the end of “Outkast.” Though it’s a different song entirely, “Tambura” is technically still a part of the final track off The Fundamental Elements of Southtown, so it’s worthy of being mentioned here.

  1. “Full Color” [Brown]

Despite its bright feel instrumentally, “Full Color” is a sobering song Sonny wrote to cope with the death of his mother. Here, the passion can be heard loud and clear, even with the rapped delivery.

  1. “The Messenjah” [Satellite]

2001’s Satellite has fifteen songs, so even at track eight, it’s hardly fair to call “The Messenjah” a “deep cut.” Indeed, the hard-hitting tune sounds like it could be nearer the front end of the record, but serves well dividing the album in half.

  1. “It Can’t Rain Everyday” [When Angels & Serpents Dance]

With its uplifting message and fantastic guitarwork, “It Can’t Rain Everyday” proves to be one of the best songs from When Angels & Serpents Dance.

  1. “Roots in Stereo” [Testify]

Like “Strength of My Life,” the opener from Testify is also a reggae-infused track featuring guest vocals from Matisyahu. The latter, however, is decidedly heavier than the former. After all, it wouldn’t make any sense to start an overall aggressive record with a relatively subdued song.

  1. “Without Jah, Nothin’” [Satellite]

H.R. from Bad Brains makes an appearance on “Without Jah, Nothin’,” and right away his presence can be felt on the thirteenth track from Satellite, which starts out as hardcore punk before slowing down and evolving into full-on reggae.

My countdown continues next week, so stay tuned. The San Diego natives’ newest hits stores everywhere August 21st, but you can preorder it on iTunes and Amazon right now. I’m actually spinning the record as I type this, and let me just say this much: it’s phenomenal. My full review of the album will come closer to release date, but in the meantime, let me know what you think of my list so far in the comments below. After all, what’s an opinion that can’t be expressed? Connect with us on social media to further the conversation with the hashtag “#7WeeksOfPOD.”

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