7 Weeks of P.O.D. – Topher Counts Down His Top 50 Tracks: Part 3

In this third week of #7WeeksOfPOD, we continue our coverage with the next installment of my top 50 tracks, counting it down from #36 to #30.

  1. “Sleeping Awake” [The Matrix: Reloaded soundtrack]

This upbeat b-side is classic P.O.D., with the part-rapped, part-sung delivery, and the heavy yet melodic feel to it. Needless to say, “Sleeping Awake” is one of the band’s better b-sides.

  1. “Thinking About Forever” [Satellite]

Sonny’s letter to his late mother is among the slower songs from Satellite, but in no way does the change in pace take away from the track’s staying power.

  1. “I Am” [Murdered Love]

The controversial closer from their eighth full-length is a call to redemption, and an extremely fitting end to Murdered Love.

  1. “Ghetto” [Satellite]

Somehow the band can make a song that’s as beautiful as it is aggressive, all the while conveying a powerful message of unity and love.

  1. “Draw the Line” [Warriors EP]

Though the original is from their 1994 debut Snuff the Punk, the version from the Warriors EP is a bit more polished. This retro P.O.D. song is straight-up hardcore.

  1. “End of the World” [When Angels & Serpents Dance]

Many of P.O.D.’s best songs are set in a fast ¾ meter. “End of the World” is no exception. Here, the intense instrumentation pairs nicely with Sonny’s apocalyptic lyrics.

  1. “Satellite” [Satellite]

The title track from 2001’s breakthrough record is a soaring anthem, much like its fellow album single “Alive.” “Satellite,” however, has just a little bit more of an edge to it.

Stay tuned for next week, as I continue counting down my favorite P.O.D. songs, and make sure you’re ready for The Awakening. The San Diego natives’ ninth full-length hits stores everywhere August 21st, but you can preorder it on iTunes and Amazon right now.

In the meantime, let me know what you think of my list so far in the comments below. After all, what’s an opinion that can’t be expressed? Connect with us on social media to further the conversation with the hashtag “#7WeeksOfPOD.”


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