Pocketful Of Faith is the new studio album from Dove Award winning worship leader and singer/songwriter Tim Hughes which releases worldwide this Friday July 17th. Leading up to the album’s release, Tim Hughes is sharing the story behind key songs from the album, as well as the dreams and vision for their potential impact on both the local & global Church. The 1st of those is a look at the story behind the album’s title track and can be seen above.

Deeply autobiographical in nature, right now, in 2015, Pocketful Of Faith represents a new chapter for Tim, chronicling both his faith and family life progression as he moves from the role of worship Pastor at Worship Central in London to a new challenge; planting a church in England’s second largest city, Birmingham.

“The songs on this album capture so much of the journey I’ve been on over the last 18 months. That journey being a move to Birmingham to plant a church into the city centre. It’s involved a huge amount of faith and is definitely been the riskiest thing I’ve ever done.” – Tim Hughes

Fans who pre-order Pocketful Of Faith on iTunes get an immediate download of “Only The Brave.” The story behind that song can be heard here.


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