Jo’s Devotions 07/13/15: Don’t Tell, Show Them

Jo’s Devotions 07/13/15: Don’t Tell, Show Them

Don’t just tell them, show them!

They say actions speak louder than words; and a picture is worth more than a thousand words. So although words are used most of time to convey our emotions or some message very dear to our hearts, it would take more than that to have the needed impact on those who hear us.

You gather courage to tell someone how you feel about him/her and you are told to prove it. One would think that his word is and should be enough to believe and accept but life in today’s world finds little or no faith in mere words. You would have to practise what you preach and walk the talk.

Christians are ambassadors of God’s kingdom on earth. We do not earn the name via any test passed or any good deed done. We are privileged to be named after Christ because we believe He died and rose for us and we accept Him as Lord and Saviour in our lives. But with the name comes a huge responsibility traditionally called the Great Commission.

As no one keeps a lamp under a bushel but puts it on a stand so all may see it, we are charged to witness to the world about the marvellous love of Christ. So churches organise occasional evangelical programmes so as to let the world know of this forgiving, loving God who sent His Son to come die in our place so we may enjoy eternal life.

But witnessing to people about the love of God shouldn’t end with our message. Our lives should be the message. It is said the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Hence our lives should sync with our message. How can we preach of a God who loves and forgives and yet live among our neighbours in hostility and holding grudges against everyone who has offended us?

People can and will only testify of God’s awesome attributes when they see us living them out. They would understand when we say God is love when we show them. We tell people God keeps the promises He makes to His people; they will only believe us when we keep our word to them.

So next time you are about to talk about how amazing God is, take a minute to reflect on how your life mirrors God’s personality. Be the picture of God’s nature in people’s mind. Words are not enough; your life should complete your message.

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