Listeners Will Now Enjoy The “Long Drive” With Jordan Taylor’s Debut Album

Review By: Rebekah Joy
Release Date: 06/26/15
Rating: [usr 6]

Jordan Taylor is a popular YouTuber best known for co-creating the popular YouTube channel “Blimey Cow” with his brother Josh. With over 350,000 subscribers Jordan is no stranger to success. The channel covers all aspects of Christian culture in very comedic ways every week with mini-series’ like Messy Mondays, Ask Jordan, Messyges and more. The popular YouTube personality has now decided to branch out and enter the music world with his debut album Long Drive.

The first track from the project “Waiting” is a solid, unique and upbeat start to the album. The song starts with a unique combination of drums, guitar and harmonica. The phenomenal vocals go so well with the thoughtful lyrics. The song talks about traveling a journey alone and feeling lonely. The song is a great reminder of the importance of living in fellowship with other people.

Every Detail” is a vulnerable, sweet love song. The song talks about being in love but feeling self conscious and not measuring up to other people fighting for a girl’s affection. The song also tells the story of a guy who thinks of every little details when it comes to the girl he is in love with. “I see every little detail. It’s not hard to be with you.” The sweet, sensitive melody and mood really add to the sweet nature of the song.

Both “Listen” and “Separation” include portions of the songs that are simple melodic instrumental breaks. It adds depth, and emotion to the songs that is very hard to convey in a short 3-minute track.

Home” has a very happy, upbeat folk feel, which will automatically put a smile on listeners’ faces. The prevalence of the violin is very unique and adds a special touch to the song.

The title track “Long Drive” is a very vulnerable, heart felt song. The song talks about having a lot of thoughts running through our minds, and being consumed by those thoughts. “And no one could predict my thoughts those times- the ones I live with every night.”

Reflection” is a beautiful instrumental track. The track has a very east coast vibe, and makes listeners feel like they are at the beach looking out over the ocean. It is a calm and interesting track to listen to.

The bonus track “Beginning” brings the album to a solid finish. Another purely instrumental track, “Beginning” shows listeners Jordan’s phenomenal musical talent when it comes to playing guitar.

Overall Long Drive is a good album, with each track mostly being well thought out and done well. The lyrics at times weren’t the clearest with some not making much sense and that let the album down at times. That being said though, it’s clear throughout the album the time and effort Jordan and his friends put into it. Jordan did a great job at showing people that he is more then just a face they see on YouTube.

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