Disciple Radically Challenges Christians Worldwide With Blistering New Attack Album

Review By: Stephanie Crail
Release Date: 09/23/14
Rating: [usr 9.75]

Attack, the highly anticipated release from Christian rock band Disciple, certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Musical strains reminiscent of Scars Remain will please longtime fans and draw in new listeners with what is quite possibly the band’s heaviest and most intense record to date.

Since their last album, front man Kevin Young has acquired a solid new lineup, each member bringing a considerable amount of talent to the table and contributing to the new levels of musical and lyrical intricacy.  Fiery track “Lion” showcases bassist Jason Wilkes’ impressive vocal range and bass skills, and listeners are treated to a sweet interplay between the bass and guitar.

This whole album encourages and prepares believers to fight in this battle for their soul, attacking the sometimes faceless enemy threatening to drag them down to the depths of hopelessness.  “Dead Militia” especially is a battle cry, rallying the troops, getting them fired up to take action.

Yet in the midst of these battle cries and calls to action, the band takes a few moments to slow things down and offer encouragement to those listeners who may be struggling or feeling held back or ashamed of their past.  “Unbroken” and “Yesterday is Over” assure us that God is more powerful than anything in our past, and if we are willing to lay our burdens at His feet, He will restore us and make us whole and unbroken.

In case there was any doubt as to Disciple’s convictions, “The Name” boldly declares their faith in Jesus Christ.  Drummer Joey West is the energetic, driving force behind the band, and his notable talent can be particularly observed on this track.  “Radical,” the hard hitting first single from this new record, is another bold declaration of their commitment to live their lives in a way so radically different that the world takes notice.

With Andrew Stanton and Josiah Prince on guitars, Attack is laced with blistering guitar solos and riffs that will have listeners coming back to this album time and again.  Kevin Young’s vocals are in top form, and the memorable melodies and lyrics will repeat through listeners’ minds, reminding them of the truth in God’s Word.

Closing thoughts:  Attack inspires believers to live out their faith radically and boldly, yet reminds us that God is always with us, giving us the strength to fight the battles that come our way.  This album will have listeners throwing up their rawkfist one moment and raising their hands in praise and worship the next.  An absolute must have for fans of hard rock.

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