Christian rockers Scarlet White have had a busy eight months: three top ten Billboard Christian Rock singles, including a #1 in November for their second release, Wake of the King; the release of their second full-length album, The Inbetween, in October; an invitation to become one of the first bands in the non-profit organization, Save the Storks’, Artist Program; and now a national tour with Seventh Day Slumber, Fireflight, and Shonlock. “The blessings keep pouring in,” reports drummer Jacob Hendricks.

“So many of our prayers have been answered in the last several months,” reports band founder, Dan Hall, “we feel blessed to be able to follow our calling to minister through our music to larger audiences over a growing geographic area. The Small Town America Tour this fall will be the largest tour we have ever done, covering 18 states, and we couldn’t be more excited!”

As incredible as a national tour is, it is also very costly for an up and coming band like Scarlet White. The band estimates it will be driving over 15,000 miles this fall, costing them well over $4000 in gas alone. According to Spencer Minor, lead singer, “We have taken to working some construction jobs during our times off this summer to help raise as much money as we can to keep us from going into debt on this tour.” Their new Kickstarter campaign, aptly titled, “Under Construction”, invites fans to join the crew to “Build a Road Worthy Scarlet White”.

As with most crowd-funding campaigns, the band isn’t expecting fans to donate for nothing. Some of the great perks the band has included for fans consist of: a new five song acoustic EP, recorded specifically for this Kickstarter; hand written lyrics; a behind the scenes video from their upcoming fall tour; a tattoo done by lead singer, Spencer Minor; and a VIP pass for life. “Every dollar pledged will go to help fund our ministry. We cannot reach the lost without the help of our fans,” states Erica Hendricks, bass player.

Scarlet White is “looking for a FEW GOOD FANS to join our crew and build a travel worthy band to melt faces and minister across America!” Will you be one of them?

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